"Devi" is a sanskrit word meaning "Goddess". A Goddess' beauty exists in many forms, and DeviCD is proud to say that we are dedicated to expressing this beauty through art.


For 25 years, DeviCD has consistently created ground-breaking recordings that have defined the New Life Style and Healing Music genres. We support all traditions within the medium of music and albums and we share a peaceful and common thread of unity within all cultures and sacred traditions. Our purpose is also to create music beyond religious and cultural traditions. We share music for the soul; for it's nourishment, to enlighten the mind, and to celebrate life.

DeviCD has been creating and producing best-selling music since 1989, and are among the originators of the Sacred Chants genre by pioneering the use of Ancient Sanskrit Mantras into New Life Style music. Our music continues to expand upon its mission of "Music for the Soul" by consistently adding new artists and releases to its growing list of exceptional productions.

We begin the process of tracking the inner vibrational frequencies of voices and instruments with the pre-production recording at our Sacred Music Studio (located in Grenville) using reel-to-reel analog recording technology. All of the analog files are then digitized using OM Studio's facilities (located in Ste-Adèle) where the final mixing and arrangment is also completed. Final mastering is completed either at OM Studio or Future Rythme Studio. Because of the in-depth, multi-step phases of our recording process, we have been recognized as a high-quality record label within the music industry.


DeviCD supports the environment, the rights of its indigenous people, ancient cultures and sacred traditions by donating a portion of the proceeds from our sales and concerts to organizations such as the following:

  • Association TerraNation
  • U.N. Indigenous Peoples Fund
  • Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math
  • Parmath Niketan Ashram
  • World Vaishnava Associations
  • The Christian Church
  • Unity Church
  • Kogi’s tribe

...and many other traditions that come in our life journey that are in need of our support. (Please click here for more information about these associations)

Our goal is to bring you the finest productions in New Lifestyle Music and Meditation Music, releases within the Relaxation, Spa, Healing, Sacred Chants and Native music genres, and much more. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in music for enriching the Body, Mind & Spirit, and to helping make the world a more harmonious and beautiful place.

"If we have to surrender to something, we might as well surrender to Beauty."
--- Sri Sriddhar Maharaj

We invite you to share this beauty with us!

Patrick Bernard and Annick Dauphinais
Founders of DeviCD

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