DeviCD Miracles & Testimony

"I am pleased for this opportunity to tell you myself how much your music helps me. My favorite, Solaris Universalis was critically instrumental in saving my life about 10 years ago and to this day lifts my soul and consciousness like no other. You are truly an Angel. Thank you for helping me fly!"

Deborah, USA

"I just wanted to profusely thank Patrick Bernard from the bottom of my heart. I am a 16 year old boy who was suffering from crippling depression and listening to Atlantis Angelis changed my perception of what life was: it brought a glow into my experience and as I listened and imagined better things; better things came. I just really wanted to find a way to express this thanks because my happiness is so indebted to his music. I hope this gets to him. Thank you.""

Felix, Canada

"My clientele deals with the sick and dying (acute and chronic care) and I gave my personal copy of Archangel Miracle away to an extremely sick woman hoping upon hope that she will recover and it did. Thus I want to buy them in a large amount. Thank you for the healing."

Judy, USA

"Dear Mr. Bernhardt, your music came to me from the universe. It was meant for me to hear you. I am a long time yoga practitioner, teacher and reflexologies. I was going through a healing crisis and I was not seeking you out, as I had never heard of you. Your CD Solaris Universalis came to me as I was walking on an Island in Maine. I took it home and played it and was taken to another realm. It has amazing healing qualities. I felt a wash of peace come over me and felt I was touched by God. I have listened to it everyday since receiving it."

Donna, USA

"Wow, I just put on your sample of one of your cds and itcalmed me at once. I do want to be on your emailing list."

Kat, USA

"This is an email to congratulate you on the magnificent work you have done with Archangel Miracle.  Few pieces move me so much, your work truly inspires me while I conduct my healing and write my book and for magazines."

Charlotte, Canada

"Hi, so glad to have found this website. I have been listening to Patrick's music for a decade+ and love it, love it LOVE !!!"

Debbie, Europe

"No need to respond just wanted to share my joy in finding your music. It touches my soul and is just what I have been seeking!!!"

Oksha, N/A

"I've listened to Patrick Bernhardt for years. His music is great for helping with concentration and relaxation. I listen to several of his CDs when I am writing code, for example. Solaris Universalis is great from beginning to end. Mixing the ancient, the mystic, and the sublime, Patrick creates a musical canvas and paints with layers of sound to create a masterpiece. If you are new to PB, this is a great place to start."

Michael Hare, USA

"This music affects me at a deep emotional and spiritual level. It creates a sense of peace and joy in me. It gently takes me to another state of consciousness. This may well be my favorite 'new age' music."

A. Donasson, USA

Review of Patrick Bernard's "Atlantis Angelis" (Audio CD)

Fans of Mike Oldfield and Popol Vuh will find much to like on this debut CD by Patrick Bernhardt (now known as Patrick Bernard). All of these artists share a spiritual proclivity and an enthusiasm for blending a variety of world music. In Bernard's case, he likes to combine eastern chants and mantras with mostly western instrumentation. He's fond of using synthesizer, piano, acoustic guitar, and multi-layered backing vocals to create a celestial atmosphere. The result is very beautiful and soothing. Patrick was born and raised for the first 10 years of his life in the (at the time) French colony of Algeria in North Africa, but spent his teen and adult years in Canada. He currently resides in California. I mention this because he speaks French, and his languid and charming accent imbues his vocals with the romantic intimacy long associated with that language. These are, however, love songs in praise of God. Also, they are sung in neither French or English - but Sanskrit. Though the first half of the CD is given various song titles, it is actually an extended suite of the Hindu mantra "Jaya Radha Madhava".

On the cassette version that I bought when this was first released, this suite comprised all of side one. To this day, I regard it as the most gorgeous and perfect side one of this kind of music I've ever heard. Side two was almost as good. Again, though given different song titles, it was really an extended suite of "Om Mani Padme Hum" from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, with a dash of the Hindu "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya". For good measure he throws in phrases taken from the Vedas that were designed to strengthen various parts of the body, unblock energy, and open the soul to your mind. It's all interwoven with the nonsense phrase "atlantis angelis", just to make it all - oh, I don't know - more mysterious! Patrick Bernard deserves better than to be lumped in with the "new age" crowd. These suites ebb and flow like classical music compositions. They contain "movements" and connecting passages. The synth often sounds like an orchestra. Occasionally you'll hear chiming church bells or the sound of ocean waves, but he keeps these embellishments to a bare minimum. It's not jazzy like the ECM label output, nor is it as wispy as Windham Hill's recordings. It bears more resemblance to Oldfield's "Ommadawn", or Popol Vuh's "For You And Me". He's a charter member of this select group of musicians that popularized cultural cross-pollination, which we see in wide practice today.

Bernard followed up with "Solaris Universalis", which was another best-seller. He's continued along this path, even incorporating Hebrew, Christian, and Sufi chants into his repertoire. He's like a honeybee, collecting nectar from wherever he can find it.

On a personal note: When this came out, I lent it to a friend who had allowed drugs to ruin his life. His wife and young children left him, and he was alone in their neglected apartment. He told me he played this day and night with headphones on, with tears streaming down his face. During those days he kicked his habit, and never looked back. After a time he won back his wife and kids, they moved to the country, and have been well ever since. So - thank you Patrick Bernard. Such is the power of your transformative, transcendental music.

Mike, USA
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